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                                                    ACADEMIC BACKGROUND                                                      



Ph. D. Romance Languages & Literatures, June l987.Director of Dissertation: Ricardo Gullón

•Master of Arts. Romance Languages & Literatures, June l980.

Bachelor of Arts in Analysis of Ideas & Study of Methods, June l978. Director of Dissertation: Charles Wegener.



Courses toward Bachelor of Arts, l972- l973.



English and Art courses, l970-l97l.


                                                      TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                        



Fall 2000- Professor.

Fall 1991- 2000- Associate Professor.

Fall l987- l991- Assistant Professor.



Spring 2001- Visiting Professor. Bryn MawrCollege, Department of Spanish.

Fall 2000 -Visiting Professor. Graduate Program. University of Pennsylvania, Department of

Romance Languages & Literatures.

Fall l999 - Visiting Professor. Graduate Program. University of Pennsylvania, Department of

Romance Languages & Literatures.

•l984- l987- Lecturer, University of Chicago.


                                               ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE                                                 


Fall 2007-2015, Chair of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Villanova


•2001-Spring 2008. Founder and Director of the Spanish Internship Program, A community- based program to help the Philadelphia Hispanic Community, in conjunction with Villanova Law School Clinics.


Fall l998- 2001, Chair of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, Villanova University.


•1990-1998, Director of the Spanish Graduate Program, Villanova University.


•l989 to l994, & l998, Founder & Director of the Villanova Summer Program in Cádiz, Spain. A summer program for undergraduate students, now in its twenty fifth year.


•2012-to Present, Founder and Director of the Villanova Semester Program with the University of Cádiz, Spain.  A semester program for undergraduate students with different concentrations.




•May, 2010- Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, San

Dionisio, Spain.


•2009- Prize of Excellence, Jerez 2009- Awarded to Mercedes Juliá for her research on the poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez.


•2009- College of Liberal & Science Grant- Exhibit and Mini-Symposium on Juan Ramón

Jiménez, March 2009.


•2005- Vital Grant for the design of The Faces of Modernity Course, using technology.


•2004- Vital Grant (Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning), for the design of three

Cultural Studies courses for the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures.


•2003- Villanova Summer Research Fellowship.


•2000 - Vital Grant (Villanova Institute for Teaching & Learning) to organize two workshops on teaching and technology at the Department of Classical & Modern Languages of Villanova University.


• l999 - Vital Grant (Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning) to learn new technologies for the teaching of foreign languages.


•1995 - Summer Research Grant, College Liberal Arts & Sciences, Villanova University.


•1992- Villanova Grant to organize a Symposium on Spain and the Americas.


•l991-92 One year research grant by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

•l986 - Summer Research Grant, The Mellon Foundation.


•l984 - Summer Research Grant, Tinker Foundation.







Madrid: Ediciones de la Torre, l989. Monograph that studies one of the greatest poems of

20th Century Spain.


-Reviewed by:

-Howard Young, Hispanic Review, 60.3(Summer l992):374-375.

-Juan Liébana, Aldeeu, 7(1991):264-266.

-Carlos Murciano, Valor de la palabra, Vol. 23, Madrid, octubre 1990.

-Fernando Quiñones, Gaceta gaditana, No. l, l990.

-Nieves Vázquez, Draco.  Vol. 2(1990):345-347.


   This book constitutes an in-depth study of the poem Espacio by Juan Ramón Jiménez, 1956 Nobel Laureate. It analyses the relation of this poem to JRJ's entire corpus and the poetry of his contemporaries in Spain, and the Western world.

   This book inspired actor Ramón Rivero of the theater Company El Mentidero to adapt the poem Espacio

to the theater. It was shown in different capitals of the Iberian Peninsula (2007-2008).


Reviewed by:

-García Posadas, ginas culturales de El País, Agosto 2001.

-Emilio Ríos, Ateneu, No. 25 (2002): XXII. 

2005. Vol IV, Pages 1313-1366. (Espasa-Calpe is a major editorial house of Spain and I

was paid a stipend for preparing this edition).

   Book Presentation at the Ateneo  of Madrid by Professors Francisco Caudet and Ignacio Javier López, from Universidad Complutense and U of Pennsylvania, respectively, March 2007.

   Presentation of book by Mercedes Juliá at Falvey Library, September, 2007.

   Reviewed by Professor Emilia Cortés Ibáñez in Garoza. Revista de la sociedad española de estudios literarios, No. 7 (September 2007): 353-358.

   Reviewed by Professor Nuria Morgado. Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

Vol. 11 (2007):251-252.

   Reviewed by Professor David Herzberger. Hispanic Review (University of Pennsylvania).

Vol 76.3 (2008): 324-326.


The volume includes ten articles by specialists in Contemporary Hispanic literature, including an Introductory chapter by Spanish renown writer Antonio Muñoz Molina. Cádiz: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Cádiz, 2010. Chosen for publication  by a peer reviewed board.

   Book Presentation, University of Cádiz, November 30th, 2010.



   Book Presentation  at the Diputación de Huelva, Spain. May 7th, 2010.

   Book presentation at Villanova Falvey Library, September 23rd, 2010

   Article by Alexandra Edwards

   Reviewed by Jonathan Mayhew, University of Kansas.  Hispanic Review (spring 2012), pp. 329-331.

   Reviewed by John C. Wilcox, University of Illinois Champaign Urbana. Bulletin of

Spanish Studies 89.2 (2012): 315-16.

        Pre-Texxtos, Colección Clásicos Contemponeos, March 2014. 884 pages.

          (Ands Trapiello is a renowned Spanish writer and critic who published his review in El País the day before the book appeared in            bookstores, announcing the book).



    Vida is being reviewed by many scholars throughout Spain and Latin America. It was a literary break-through in Spain and Latin America because Juan Ramón Jiménez happens to be one of the major poets of Spanish modernism and his autobiography was published for the first time, posthumously




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Organization and writing of entire content of Web Page on Juan Ramón Jiménez for the Cervantes Institute, as part of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Nobel Prize:   (I was paid for writing this web page in honor of Juan Ramón Jiménezanniversary of the Nobel Prize. (Sole author).




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"The Poetry of Gonzalo Rojas." Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages & Literatures,

Orlando, Florida, Feb. 25, l988.




                                                            HONOR SOCIETIES                                                             


•l999, Phi Belta Delta International Scholars Society.


•1996, Phi Kappa Phi (National Honor Society for Scholarly Accomplishments).


•l989, Honorary Member of Sigma Delta Pi, and founder of the Villanova Chapter Rho Pi

(National Hispanic Honor Society).




"Teaching Spanish as a Second Language."Workshop to the University of Cádiz Faculty teaching in the Summer Program and open to teachers in general. Three intensive days:  July 20-

22,23,  l993, University of Cádiz, Spain. This Workshop was part of the University Faculty In- training Program.


"Technology in the Humanities Classroom." Workshop to the Faculty of Villanova University,

as part of the Program Teaching and Learning Strategies at Villanova University 2006.Organized by VITAL. Thursday, May l8th, 2006 Bartley Hall.




•The 42nd International Conference on Educational Exchange, November l-3rd, l989. Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

II International Conference on Language & Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., March l4-l7, l990.


Workshop on Language Proficiency.  Professor Seichi Machino of Princeton University. Two day workshop at Villanova University.  Fall l999.


Wake Forest University.  Three day workshop on the teaching of languages using the latest

technology. October l999.


Seminar on "teaching foreign languages with technology" by Dr. Stanley Whitley from Wake

Forest University. Villanova, November 10, 2000.


Seminar on "teaching literature with technology" by Dr Candelas Gala from Wake Forest

University. Villanova University, November 10, 2000.


Workshop on ACTFL Proficiency an Update two day workshop organized by the Department

of Romance Languages and Literatures. Dr. Mildred Rivera, National Tester of ACTFL. October





In charge of organizing an International Symposium to commemorate the 100 years of the

publication of Platero y yo. Academia de San Dionisio, Jerez, May 27-29, 2014.


•Organized  an  International  Symposium: "Encuentros  sobre  la  obra  inédita  de  Juan  Ramón Jiménez". Royal Academy of San Dionisio, Jerez, Spain. Seven specialists from different parts of Spain participated, including Mercedes Juliá. Sponsored by the Royal Academy of San Dionisio, Villanova University and co-sponsored by: University of Cádiz, Centro Andaluz de las Letras, Junta de Andalucía and City Hall of Jerez. May 23-25, 2013.


• Organized a Symposium and an Exhibit to honor the Legacy of Juan Ramón Jiménez in the

United States. In conjunction with Falvey Library, Villanova University, March 2009.


•Helped organize a Conference to Celebrate Cervantes´s 400 Anniversary of the publication of Don Quijote.  Villanova University, March 17-19, 2005. Introduced key-note speaker, Antonio Muñoz Molina and chaired two sections of the Conference.


•Organized a Symposium at Villanova University, entitled "Spain and the Americas: A Convergence of Cultures," Villanova, October 8-l0, l992. Over 100 scholars from US Institutions and from Spain and Latin America attended.


                                            COURSES DESIGNED AND TAUGHT                                                 


   All levels of Spanish language (Beginning, Intermediate, Conversation & Composition)

   Spanish Culture & Civilization

   Love, Death and Desire (XX Century Spanish Poetry)

   The Romantic Period Revisited

   New Readings in Spanish Modernism

   Postmodernity and the Spanish Novel

   Latin American Novel of the XX Century

   Spanish Short Story

   Latin American Short Story

   Contemporary Novels by Women Writers

   Translation Skills

   Spanish Internship in conjunction with Law School

   Research Seminar (Introduction to Research Methodology)

   Core Humanities Seminar:  From Enlightment to Present (Course taught outside of the

Department of Modern Languages, required for incoming freshmen)




   Contemporary Spanish Poetry

   Contemporary Spanish American Novel


   Internship in the Teaching of Spanish, University of Cádiz, Spain

   Spanish Women Writers of the XX Century

   Poetic Prose of the Twentieth Century

   The Contemporary Short Story

   Postmodernity and the Spanish Novel

   The Faces of Modernity

   New Readings in Spanish Modernism

   The Dream of Reason: The Romantic Period Revisited

   The Historical Novel from Romanticism to Postmodernism

   Great Books in Western Literature  (Liberal Studies Program). Team-teaching with Dr.

Michael Berthold from Villanova English Department.



                                                          ACADEMIC SERVICE                                                             


• Organized the Visit and Performance of Renowned Spanish Theater Group La Zaranda in the Villanova Theater, in conjunction with the Theater Department of Villanova University. September 2-3, 2013.


•Member of the Dean’s Advisory Council. College of A&S, 2008 to 2011.


•Member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the College of A&S, 1998-2001 and again

2007 to present.

•Member of the A & S College Committee on Distance Learning, 2006 to 2010.


Board of Trustees of Villanova University, Academic Affairs Committee, 2004 to 2007.


•CMLL Technology Committee, 2003 to 2005.


International Studies Committee, l988-1994 & 1997.


•University Committee on International Affiliations, l996-l998.


•Member of the Villanova Faculty Senate, l989-l992


•University Sesquicentennial Committee on Lectures & Symposia, l990-l993.


•College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Strategic Planning Committee, l999 to 2001. And again,

2007 to present


•College Committee on Majors and Concentrations, l995-l998.


International Studies Committee, College of A&S, l996- l997.


•Chair of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literature, l998-2001. And again,

2007 to present


•Director, Spanish Graduate Program, l990 to l998.


Founder & Director of the Villanova Summer Program at the University of Cádiz, Cádiz, Spain,

l989 to l994;  and again in l998.


Founder and Director of the Spanish Internship with the Law School. 2001-2007.


•CML Curriculum Committee (Chair) , l988-l990 & l995 to l998.


•CML Lecture Committee, l988 to l998 (Chair).


•CML Library Committee, l988-l995.


Foreign Language Exam Committee, l988-l989.


Latin American Committee, l988-89.


•Ad-Hoc Committee to write Goals & Objectives for the  Department of Modern Languages, l988-l993 and l997-98.


Lecture Series Organizer in the CMML Department. In charge of the organization of seventeen lectures from l992 to present.

•Coordinator of Introductory & Intermediate Spanish, l990-l99l.


Installation of National Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi at Villanova University, and

Advisor of Chapter Rho Pi, l990-1995.




•Outside Evaluator of Manmouth University, Department of Foreign languages. May 2011.


•Outside Evaluator of Rowan University Department of Modern Languages and Literature. In charge of writing their 10 year Department evaluation. May 2010.


•Member of the Scientific Committee in charge of organizing the celebrations of Juan Ramón Jiménez´ 50th Anniversary of the Nobel Prize and of his Death (2006-208). Universidad Internacional de Huelva y Diputación de Huelva, Spain.


•Member of Editorial Board of Letras Hispanas. 2005 to present.


•Outside reviewer of tenure and promotion cases at Loyola University, Smith College, Bryn

Mawr College, Pace University, University of Miami, Ohio, l998-2001.


•Outside reviewer of articles for Mosaic, a Canadian Journal dedicated to Literature and the Arts. (Double blind refereed journal). On going.


•Outside reviewer of articles for Hispanic Review, (double blind refereed journal). University of

Pennsylvania. On going.


•Outside reviewer of articles for Letras femeninas, (double blind refereed journal). University of

Arizona. On going.


•Outside Examiner for Temple University Dissertation Committee (Department of Spanish & Portuguese), November l992.


•Regional Delegate for the Modern Language Association of America, Chosen by national ballot; three year term from l992 to l995.


Selected by the University of Valladolid, Spain, the Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation and the Heirs of the poet to research the unedited prose work by Juan Ramón Jiménez. (In charge of an edition of Tiempo and an annotated critical edition of Vida, a book that Juan Ramón Jiménez left unpublished upon his death).


•Advisor to the Committee on Programs Abroad of the University of Cádiz, Cádiz, Spain, l987 to



•Chair of Spanish American Poetry Section at NEMLA, Dedicated to César Vallejo, Buffalo,

N.Y., l992.

Secretary of Section of Golden Age Literature, NEMLA, Philadelphia, Spring, l993


•Chair of Section on Golden Age Poetry, NEMLA, Pittsburgh, PA., Spring l994.


•Chair of Section on XIX Century Narrative.  NEMLA, Pittsburgh, PA., Spring l999.


•Member of Latin American Guild for the Arts (LAGA), l988-l989.


•Member of the Board of the Greater Philadelphia Collaborative for International Education

(GPCIE), l989-l990.


•Member of the Círculo español, Philadelphia, PA. l99l to 2000.


•Member of the International Council of Radnor High School (designed and created an exchange program with Puebla, Mexico for Radnor High School students).




   Modern Language Association of America (MLA).

   Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA).

   Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas (AIH).

   Asociación de Licenciados y Doctores Españoles en los Estados Unidos (ALDEEU).