Dr. Kenneth B. Taylor
  Department of Economics
Bartley 2070
(610) 519-6430
                  Fields of Research: Comparative Economic Systems,                 
  International Economics and Economic Growth & Development

Fall 2011... Office hours:  11:30-1:15 MWF and by appointment on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

My Course Web Pages...

  1. Principles of Microeconomics (Econ. 1001)

  2. Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ. 1002)

  3. Comparative Economic Systems (Econ. 3115)

  4. Senior Economic Seminar (Econ. 4132)

  5. Latin America from a Global Perspective: Seminar (LAS 3950)

  6. Economics of Latin America and the Caribbean (Econ. 4204)

  7. Economic Development of Central America (Econ. 4200)

  8. Great Books in Economics & Political Science (LST 7303)

  9. Global Political Economy (Econ. 3108) ... all material on Blackboard Learning site.

International Programs & Special Items...

  1. International Internship Program in Madrid

  2. Spain, the European Union & the Global Economy (Econ. 4200)

  3. China: Past, Present & Future (PowerPoint Slides)

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  1. Do you have questions on how best to use the Internet? ... Start here

  2. For Economic Data     

  3. For Economic Stories

  4. Resources for Economists on the Internet                 

  5. Falvey Memorial Library

  6. How to Cite Internet Sources in Your Papers

  7. The Economist

Emailing Dr. Taylor...

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